Spring Cleaning Made Easy

The sun is finally shining after a long and brutal winter (says the California girl), its time to pull out my summer clothes! This morning I dug through my huge bin stuffed full of scarves and boots to hunt down my sandals. I felt bad for my organized roommate who watched me fling junk left and right quickly destroying our room. My little fiasco this morning was a clear wake-up call for me to start spring cleaning.

This season I am anxious to give one of the newest app on the market called GiveIt a try. It helps make organizing and donating to local charities a piece of cake. You simply take a picture of your donations and plug in your address for a local charity to come pick up on your own front porch.


GiveIt is partnered with several charities including The Sharing Place, the Family Support Center, and United Volunteers so you can trust that you donations will actually make it to a safe home. Once the charity picks up your goods, they will leave you a receipt at your door for your to file at tax time.

Check out this video to what inspired the developers to create the app.


By: Aley Davis

Photos: pixels.com

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