Around Town: Floating the Provo River

provo_river_jordanelleAfter four plus years in Provo, I have finally floated the Provo River. It was freezing and relaxing and delightful and I highly recommend it. I’ve now gone twice, once more successfully than the other, and now consider myself an expert. Here are some tips and tricks to having a wonderful experience.

  1. Pick a flotation device. The options here are colorful and I mean that literally.
  • High Country Outfitters rents everything from tubes to inflatable kayaks and provides a shuttle service from their parking lot at the bottom(ish) of the canyon to the inlet. Tubes are 14$ per person on weekends but there are group rates available.
  • Provo Canyon Outfitters is just the next right from High Country Outfitters, also charges 14$ for a tube, and also has a shuttle.
  • Buy your own tube! (or borrow a tube from someone who has already bought one. *best option*) While I do recommend either renting or borrowing first to see how you feel about it, buying your own will be the cheaper option down the line. The key to this method though, is having two cars. One person parks at the bottom on the road by the two renting services listed above and hops in the second car that then parks up at the inlet.
  • IMG_0418Blow-up mattress. I know, sounds crazy, and I’ve not personally participated in this method of rafting, but I have heard of it multiple times and it sounds like the quintessential college activity.
  1. Β Water socks. I’m completely serious about this one. You can find very cheap pairs at walmart and they will be worth every cent. The river is pretty shallow and extremely rocky. While I don’t recommend getting out of your tube/kayak/raft, if you need to your feet will undoubtable be cut pretty badly without coverage.
  2. Sunscreen. I’m very white. Sunscreen is a survival mechanism that I tend to talk myself out of more often that my mother will ever find out about. Even if it’s cloudy, bring sunscreen. You will be in direct sunlight for at least two hours, just long enough to totally fry.

There are some amazingly beautiful perks of living in Utah Valley and this is one of them. Don’t miss it!8712698


By Sarah Martin

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