The Top 5 Youtube Hair Tutorials

Youtube can be a girls’ greatest asset when it comes to upping her hair game, but how to navigate the mountains of videos? To say that the market is oversaturated is an understatement. So I took the liberty of finding them for you! Here are my favorite, tried and true, tutorials.

1.The Braid Encyclopedia– Kayley Melissa

A good braid can be delightful on it’s own, or the perfect base for something more intricate. I never get more compliments than when I have a nice and fluffy dutch braid and this is the video that taught me how! It’s over five years old but I still consider it the Gold Standard of braid tutorials on Youtube. Kayley Melissa does a great job of explaining herself and her videos are always a good quality. Check out her more recent stuff, it’s always great.

lockenwickler / curler2. 5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair– Luxy Hair

Mimi is completely gorgeous and I think she has the cutest accent and her hair is phenomenal. I love the quality of this video and her #1 tip when it comes to curling is also my #1 tip: letting your hair set. Luxy Hair is a hair extensions company so obviously the purpose of the channel is to encourage you to buy their products, but I find that they are never annoying about it and the tips really are useful for all hair types.

3. 7 Days of Ponytails!– Kayley Melissa

Another Kayley Melissa, #sorrynotsorry. She’s my favorite. One of the questions I get asked most often about my hair is how my ponytails are so perky or intricate or whatever it is that day. This is a fantastic tutorial not only because there are so many ideas and options, but because all of them are really simple and would work for many hair types.

BONUS: Some more basic tips on a voluminous pony. Β 

4. Messy Top Knot for Short/Medium Hair Tutorial- Milabu

Messy buns are the best thing that happened to hair since good quality box dyes. There are quite literally millions of top knot tutorials on Youtube, but I like this one because it is just as simple as it should be and it’s under two minutes long. Also, I love that she has very average, medium length hair.

5. How To: Pull Through Braid


– Annies Forget Me Knots

Ready for an Updo? We are getting a little more complicated now with this pull through braid. This image went around Pinterest for weeks and weeks and I finally found this tutorial that is actually quite easy. Definitely takes some practice to do though so give yourself plenty of time and maybe a practice session before the big day.

I hope these help you achieve your hair dreams! Remember that just like everything else, hair takes practice. Experiment with styles, products and on other people and you will be amazed at what you can do. If you decide to try one of these tips, we would love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @upandupmagazine or share your photo in the comments. Do you have some favorite tutorials? Share the love and comment below!


By Sarah Martin


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