Up and Up Magazine is a women’s experience magazine dedicated to the women brave enough to share their stories, give their perspective, and live their lives to the fullest. We are a staff made up of BYU students just trying to carve out our little niche in the world. We will publish a new issue weekly, so please come back for more content each Friday. Thank you for taking the time to read and discover Up and Up Magazine. Now, meet our staff!

IMG_9166Aley Davis:

Aley is a co-founder of Up and Up. As a student in the broadcast journalism program at BYU, Aley thrives on meeting new people, learning what makes them jive and capturing it through photo and video. On a happy day, Aley is caught eating a Wahoo’s fish taco with a burned beach bum and sandy car, or clearing the furniture in the living room to pretend she is on So You Think You Can Dance. Between her California roots and church mission in San Antonio, Texas, she suffers from big state loyalty issues. She dreams of one day hosting her own cooking show and finding the cure to snoring.

Fun Fact: Aley was born 126 minutes before her twin brother, Christian, and finds any excuse to remind him of it.

The Rule I Rewrite: Milk doesn’t need to be refrigerated. In fact, it’s better for you if it’s not. Give kefir a try.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.34.32 PMSarah Martin:

Sarah Martin is a co-founder/co-editor of Up and Up, which means she’s either completely insane or somewhat brilliant. Sarah discovered her love of travel and chocolate early on in life, one of which greatly influenced her decision to study journalism. She’s read the Harry Potter books more than is socially acceptable to admit and can usually be found in her native habitat with a book in hand curled on something couch-like. No stranger to the outdoors, Sarah can also be seen kayaking far off into the distance.

Fun Fact: Sarah went to high school in a town without sidewalks. Instead, there were horse trails. There was also a hitching post at her high school. In Southern California.
The Rule I Would Rewrite: Instead of just being silent on buses or subways, you have to talk to the person next to you. Think about how many cool people you would meet!

IMG_9113Abby Christensen:

Abby has always had a passion for writing and GEICO commercials, which lead her to becoming an advertising major at BYU. Born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Provo (or P-town, as locals call it), Abby quickly learned how to navigate BYU football traffic and the difference between creamery ice cream and all other brands. Though she was secretly born a Texan, it took Abby 20 years and a church mission in Lubbock to get back to her native Texas roots. Abby prides herself in being able to speak in a variety of foreign accents and considers herself the All-American Rejects’ “dirty little secret.” She hopes to one day use her writing to make others laugh and get paid for it. She also aspires to be the owner of a hairless cat. For now, Abby is happiest when surrounded by her friends, family and Chick-fil-A sauce.

Fun Fact: Abby’s full name, Abigail, means “Father’s joy,” which sounds a lot like Almond Joy and by golly, those are DELICIOUS.

The Rule I Rewrite: There is no time or person limit to hugs. A 10-minute group hug with your buds? Totally acceptable.

IMG_9079Jenny Poffenbarger:

Jenny is widely known for her functioning level of awkwardness and her love affair with the Harry Potter series. As an English major at BYU, she can often be found curled up with large literature books, and answering the questions, “So, what are you going to do with your major? Are you going to teach?” She has spent most of her life in Virginia and various parts of Africa. No, she did not have an elephant in her backyard, though she has ridden them. Her natural habitat is anywhere with chocolate and rain, but not necessarily chocolate rain. Jenny wants to make a career of being paid to write and read. Her unrealistic future goals are to play the accordion and ride a unicycle, preferably at the same time.

Fun fact: Jenny once tapped President Bush’s shoulder and then pretended it wasn’t her. It worked.

The Rule I Rewrite: Socks don’t have to match to function. However, it is slightly uncomfortable when they are different sizes.

IMG_9070Harly Richards:

Harly is not spelled with an E, because she was not named after a motorcycle—and although her name is not Carly, she has gotten used to responding to that name too. She has a constant desire to learn, which often leads to a lot of traveling, her favorite destinations so far being Japan, England and a small town in Mississippi. As a child she dreamed of being raised on a farm, so she’s always been a little bit country. Secretly she wants to work as a sushi chef, but is currently working on her undergrad in supply chain management at BYU.

Fun Fact: Harly might not have been named after a motorcycle, but she was named after a soap opera star from The Guiding Light—much more embarrassing.

The Rule I Rewrite: You only have time for one dream. Why just be an engineer, or just a lawyer, or have one dream destination? Be a lawyer that does stand-up comedy on the weekends and one day wants to film a documentary about candy factories. You might not be able to do everything, but you can try.

IMG_9061Bronwen Hale:

As a third-year psychology student and aspiring mover and shaker, Bronwen has always been fascinated by matters of teacher strategy and learner motivation. When not investigating the intersections between philosophy, religion, and politics, she delights in experimenting with the intricate subway system at her family’s new post in Tokyo, journaling compulsively, and stressing about how to de-awkwardify returned missionary life. Bronwen is convinced that the future promises to be bright.

Fun Fact: Bronwen is currently working on her 42nd journal, a habit that started in eighth grade and has continued until now. Her closest friends tell her that this is an unhealthy amount of introspection, but Bronwen persists with a passion!

The Rule I Rewrite: In a society when we can talk about political differences, gay rights, and human trafficking in the classroom and at work, it’s crazy that religious perspectives are considered taboo. The taboo should be rewritten so that people of all faiths can feel more comfortable expressing themselves in the public square.

(or if that’s too serious) The expectation to do one’s hair AND make up to look good for an outing is just too much. The social standard should be rewritten so that a girl should have to do just hair, just make up, or none at all!

IMG_9047Kember Call:

Kember is writing for the health column of Up and Up. Considering she could eat brownies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you could be in for a real treat! In Kember’s dreams she is the next Martha Stewart: spending all of her time turning houses to homes, decorating for the holidays and planning fantastic parties. In reality, she is a junior in the accounting program at BYU and plans to practice tax law. When she is not balancing debits and credits she loves to run, wander the aisles of Costco, curl up with the latest edition of The Economist, and feed her newfound love of golf at the driving range.

Fun Fact: As the oldest of 4 daughters, her parents have affectionately nicknamed Kember “The Petri Dish” (Petri for short) because any and all parenting has always been in the “experimental” stages.

The Rule I Rewrite: Who says you have to eat breakfast foods for breakfast?! Taco soup, paninis, Caesar salad . . . brownies . . . live life on the edge!

IMG_9022Lily Checketts:

Just because she has long, blonde hair, was a cheerleader in high school, and has a diamond ring on her finger, does not make Lily your typical BYU female. Well actually it does . . . but that’s beside the point. She’s an East Coast native who loves Disney movies, roller coasters, and anything else that helps her forget she has to grow up. The newly-put rock on the finger comes from the love of her life, a Canadian hockey player whom she will marry this December in the Manhattan temple. As a broadcast journalism major, she’s not afraid to ask anyone, anything at anytime . . . which has caused for some very foot-in-mouth experiences. She dreams of one day stealing Matt Lauer’s job on The Today Show and living close to her 12 nieces and nephews (yeah, she’s THAT obsessed aunt).

Fun Fact: I drive stick shift. NBD. (Actually, it’s a very BIG DEAL . . . it took me years before I could drive 10 minutes without stalling.)

The Rule I would Rewrite: Caffeine on campus . . . sometimes a girl just needs a DC.

IMG_9142Evelyn Kamurasi:

Evelyn is currently an international student at BYU. Her upbringing was somewhat of a melting pot of cultures as she was born and spent the first eight years of her life in Havana, Cuba, to a Tanzanian mother and Ugandan father. As such, she naturally loves traveling and learning about different cultures. In fact one of the reasons she is currently pursuing a broadcast journalism career is her observation on how the news is a global connecting tool. Evelyn’s “me time” consists of TED Talks, natural-hair YouTube tutorials, and chocolate—she is known to be a chocoholic by all of her close friends and is one of the first things people get to know about her.

Fun Fact: For 16 years now, Evelyn has been accumulating a variety of currencies. Although she prefers collecting coins, her current favorite is her $10 million Zimbabwean dollars banknote.

The Rule I Rewrite: The ability to dance is just a matter of owning your move on the dance floor—thus everybody CAN dance!

IMG_9097Cami Fitzgerald:

As an accounting student and Sudoku addict, Camille thrives on solving any puzzle in front of her. Although accounting is all about the numbers, she tries to infuse her life with as much color, and ice cream, as possible. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she will forever have a love for overcast skies and evergreen trees, but she simply adores fresh flowers, Christmas lights, and laughing (preferably uncontrollably). You can almost always find a smile on her face, but if not, a Diet Coke is her choice of remedy. Camille dreams of one day owning her own floral shop and traveling to each continent. Four down, three more to go!

Fun Fact: I peaked when I was elected mayor for my third-grade class, and it’s been downhill ever since.

The Rule I Rewrite: Shampoo and conditioner should run out at the same time, because I feels like it’s a rule of nature that conditioner runs out first.

IMG_9043Sarah Kemer:

Sarah is from the first state of the United States of America, Delaware. As an English teaching major, she plans to spend her life helping the kids who can’t read good. Her solace is the great outdoors, a good book or good food. She is always up for a long run or a challenge. If she is ever in a bad mood, a rabbit video will not fail to raise her spirits.

Fun Fact: Sarah has never been to a Disney theme park.

The Rule I Rewrite: Don’t worry about if something looks good on you or not: it’s all about attitude.

IMG_9084CreelaBelle Howard:

After a serious case of indecisiveness, CreelaBelle Howard chose print/digital news media as her major but keeps creative writing as her number one hobby. Bred in Southern California, she was spoiled by great weather and real Mexican food. She gets high on social dancing, laughing at YouTube videos, attending theme parks and digesting sugar. When home, she pampers her cat, Thierry, massages her mom every night, and chases her dream to become a professional novelist.

Fun Fact: She has a scar on her left hand the shape of the continent of Africa (not on purpose).

The Rule I Rewrite: Not all California girls can surf.

IMG_9045Emily Sopp:

Emily’s life pretty much revolves around her three favorite things: books, sharks, and the world. She spends a majority of her time reading anything and everything and always watches Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Although she has never been outside of North America, she daydreams about traveling all over the world. She hopes that she can integrate her public relations studies and editing background into an international setting. Food is the way to Emily’s heart. She thinks of herself as somewhat of a foodie and knows where all of the best places are to eat in Provo. Many of her friendships have developed over a bond for some similarly loved food.

Fun Fact: Emily is 5’11”, but only reached this full height during her freshman year in college. No, she doesn’t play volleyball (in fact, she is awful at it), and no, she doesn’t play basketball (although she is a decent recreational player).

The Rule I Rewrite: Whoever said no white after Labor Day? White looks fresh and clean no matter the time of the year.


Tori Estrada:

Victoria is her professional name, but everyone just calls her Tori. Born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, she’s a Southern California girl through and through. Her favorite places to be are Disneyland and Huntington Beach. Tori is the oldest in a family of all girls. She is currently chasing the dream of her 12-year-old self by studying broadcast journalism at BYU. She hopes to report sideline sports for ESPN one day. Mexican food is her favorite, so naturally she is way too excited about the new Chipotle at University Mall. Yes, she knows guac is extra.

Fun Fact: Tori was born six weeks premature; coincidentally, it was her mom’s birthday. They haven’t had a year yet where they have had to spend the day apart.

The Rule I Rewrite: Cereal is not just a breakfast food. It is satisfying at any time of the day, especially after dinner as a great dessert or perfect midnight snack.

IMG_9148Eliza Woolley:

Eliza grew up in semi-rural Southern California but loves Utah more because that’s where her family goes on vacation. The second of five children, she is majoring in English and minoring in digital humanities and editing. She served her mission in bonnie Scotland and delightful Ireland. Her nebulous career plans—she likes variety—include freelance editing. Someday, she’ll earn grown-up money, re-learn calculus and PHP, acquire more handywoman skills, marry somebody wonderful . . . and go with him to EFT couples therapy if/when it’s needed! (Her dad’s a couples therapist.)

Fun Fact: I recently named a noisy pair of gold flats “Click and Clack, the Tap-It Sisters” after the hosts of Car Talk.

The Rule I Rewrite: All millennials don’t want or need smartphones! My LG Env3 has limitations, sure, but it doesn’t mind being dropped, it has a great keyboard, and one battery charge lasts for days.

IMG_9016Katie Ryan Rees:

Katie is a wife, news junkie, and chocolate lover. She recently got married to the love of her life, Derek, and took on his last name. (But she can’t quite shake her maiden name yet.) Katie is from the great state of South Carolina and grew up on the beach. She can’t watch The Notebook without crying because it reminds her of home (it was filmed in SC) and because she’s a sucker for a love story. She has always loved politics and pretty much always has an opinion. Katie is a Broadcast Journalism major and a Political Science minor. She hopes to be a TV reporter one day.
Fun Fact: She’s going to get her degree before turning 22.
The Rule I Rewrite: Not being allowed to wear white after Labor Day. White is clean and crisp and should be worn all year around!

Contact Us: upandupmagazine@gmail.com

Photo Credit: Ellie Cardullo

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  1. Hey, don’t know where else to leave this. Just found the site and it seems pretty cool. Is there a men’s equivalent for BYU? I think your audience would expand if you partnered with them kind of like what Cosmo does with AskMen. There are plenty of women’s issues and articles men are interested in reading about and vice versa. The Universe really doesn’t connect well with what college students are looking for and I think you have a much better format for reaching them that could extend to other areas as well.

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